We are a small company based out of Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to make healthy food options more cost effective and therefore accessible to all. Clean living and clean eating are becoming more relevant and something we feel passionate about. So you might be wondering, then why almond milk? Almond milk has been a staple in our home as a healthy, dairy-free alternative for many years, but when venturing out to our local coffee shop, smoothie spot, or bakery it is not always readily available. We would like to change that.

Why Generous Provisions?

Above all other reasons that this company was started, we are most excited about making a difference. As a company, we are making a commitment to putting a dent in the global clean water crisis. Without a doubt, the products that we launch are in an effort to provide healthy options to our consumers who are surrounded by choices every day.

The reality for many people around the world is that there is no option of a clean water source and they might go their entire lives without one. So we, at Generous Provisions, will do our part by dedicating a portion of our profits to great organizations, like the Kind Human Foundation, who are making a difference in this crisis. We would love it if you would partner with them as well by donating and being a part of the solution.